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The mouth-watering aroma of sizzling chicken now fills the streets of GTA.

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Our must try products that aren’t meat or poultry

D&D Poultry has been in the wholesale restaurant meat suppliers business for over 25 years. From chicken souvlaki and breaded tenders to chicken home delivery, D&D Poultry has been a proud supplier of these delicious products and serving Ontario’s food industry and surrounding areas. From the very beginning over 25 years ago, it was the family’s intent to provide cost effective products along with the finest quality you could possibly imagine to restaurants, institutions, and the public. But especially if you’re a food service company, chain account representative, large institution or even retailer, we will have something special for you! 

In these trying times, food safety is our number one concern among many other things, so the team at D&D Poultry has successfully implemented numerous protocols to increase the safety of our products through the notorious HACCP program – and since 2006! 

With such a wide selection of products to choose from, our customers are always getting the finest selection of fresh products at the lowest prices. D&D’s philosophy is simple – we fully support local farmers as we ethically believe that Ontario has some of the best quality foods directly from the farm, and right to your table. 

We also serve the Greater Toronto area with a cash and carry outlet in order to provide a larger outreach to local customers, and it’s been a big hit with everyone. Our website even contains some delicious recipes that you can make with our products, including a chicken wings recipe and a mouthwatering homemade pesto recipe. Check out our website for even more recipes to try with our chicken. 

Over the years, D&D Poultry has evolved from a small operation into one of the leading wholesale restaurant meat suppliers in Canada. Whether you need a small meat delivery for restaurant on a regular basis, or wholesale quantities for larger businesses; as we have the operations, staff, and know-how to get you the freshest products at a convenient price. We are proud to be in business along with the many other meat suppliers for restaurants, but D&D Poultry has been around for the longest and has some of the best people in the world working hard to give you some of the best chicken products that money can buy. 

Looking for chicken delivery for restaurants and marketplaces? Give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to give you a great price for your order. We are a family business that has evolved so well because our products stand the test of time. Local customers and even fellow restaurant meat suppliers, always come back for more! 

Be sure to check out our website for more information on our products, including some delicious recipes for your home. Looking to throw a large party or event? D&D Poultry can also help all types of catering companies with the wonderful chicken products for everyone to enjoy. Please give us a call today and learn more about what we have to offer you on wholesale supplies and delivery options.