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Why we value food safety as one of our top priorities

From chicken souvlaki and breaded tenders to chicken home delivery, D&D Poultry has been a restaurant meat suppliers business for over 25 years, serving Ontario’s food industry and surrounding areas. In light of recent issues with COVID we would like to focus on food safety and how D&D Poultry has the highest standards for food safety as well as  employee safety during our poultry processing and facility operations. 

HACCP Food Safety Program since 2006

During these times, food safety is our most important concern among many other things, and it’s on everyone’s minds. We will be glad to let you know that the team at D&D Poultry has successfully implemented numerous protocols to increase the safety of our products through the highly acclaimed HACCP program since 2006. Let’s talk a little bit more about the HACCP program. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept is a systematic process control system for overall food safety in processing plants. This preventative system was implemented at D&D for the safe production of meat products. An HACCP program maintains safety and wholesomeness of meat and poultry because of potential hazards that may occur during processing without these protocols in place. 

The program focuses on a preventative approach to producing the safest possible meat products for human consumption. In other words, potential biological, physical or chemical food safety hazards, whether they naturally occur in food, are contributed by the environment, or are generated by an issue with the production process, are all prevented, eliminated or reduced before they happen. This is the best way to effectively produce safe meat products – the D&D Poultry way. Our team continuously undergoes food safety training for new employees as well as our seasoned staff. 

D&D delivery and website recipes

Over the years, D&D Poultry has evolved from a small operation into one of the leading wholesale restaurant meat suppliers in Ontario. Whether you need a small meat delivery for restaurant or wholesale quantities, D&D has you covered. We are proud to be in business along with the many other meat suppliers for restaurants, but D&D Poultry has lasted for decades and will be operational well into the future. Check out our website for some great recipes that you can make with our products, including a chicken wings recipe and a mouthwatering homemade pesto recipe. 

Are you interested in chicken delivery for restaurants? Give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to give you the best deal around. If you’ve never ordered from D&D Poultry before, no problem. Rest assured, our local customers and even fellow restaurant meat suppliers are always returning for more products!