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300 Milliken Blvd, Toronto ON M1V 4T4

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Meat Supplier For Restaurants In Ontario

Have you tried any poultry products from D&D Poultry? We have been in the wholesale business for over 25 years, and have been a proud meat supplier for restaurants and families in Ontario and surrounding areas ever since. We have a wide selection of chicken products, and have built a reputation in the local community. The relationships with our customers and business partners are very solid, because we believe in humane leadership and ethical processing in the industry. Our team has been working hard to keep up with demand and drive quality products to all of our customers, including families, restaurants, and other wholesale suppliers in the area. Let’s take a look at our location and where you can potentially find our poultry product to try. 

Where to find our products

You can find our retail location at 300 Milliken Blvd., Toronto, ON M1V 4T4, as well a wholesale cash and carry option now serving the Greater Toronto area. From local restaurants in the Toronto area, to many of the grocery stores and small businesses like catering companies, our products have been a part of many institutions in the area. As an extension to our retail services, we have a cash and carry operation serving the Greater Toronto area. This has created an even larger outreach to the community and provides a convenient option for families and small businesses to be able to quickly pick up wholesale D&D Poultry products.      

Looking for more delivery options?  

Are you having a large event and need to prepare the food menu? Let D&D Poultry help with our complete line of products and delivery services available to you. Over the past 25 years, D&D Poultry has built a reputation working up from a small facility into one of the major wholesale restaurant meat suppliers in the region. Along with our retail store and cash and carry outlet, we also have delivery options for an even greater convenience for customers. 

D&D Poultry can help with any type of delivery. Whether you’re needing a small meat delivery for restaurant on a regular basis, or wholesale quantities for larger businesses, we have you covered with our delivery service. Are processes are quality driven from farm to delivery, so rest assured that our products will be delivered fresh and at a very reasonable price. 

Maybe you’re looking for chicken delivery for restaurants or something right to your door? You can reach out to us anytime about delivery options to your location or setting up a schedule for continuous deliveries. Our experienced staff will be able to give you an excellent price for all of your delivery orders. Our family business has steadily grown because of our high quality products and services. We are one of the best restaurant meat suppliers in the area, so you can be confident in our delivery system as well.  

Check out our website for more recipes

Our website contains some mouth-watering recipes that you can make right at home or even at the restaurant, including a chicken wings recipe and a homemade pesto recipe. Looking for chicken delivery for restaurants and marketplaces? Give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to give you a great price for your chicken home delivery.