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As a family run business, we at D&D Poultry know just how much you care about serving healthy, quality foods in your home. That’s why we carry our Omega line: to offer locally raised, free run, hormone- and drug-free omega-3 chicken that you can feel confident serving to your family.

Country Poultry Processing: a Family Farm

The best quality omega-3 chicken starts on the farm. In keeping with our family-focused ideals, our provider, Country Poultry Processing, is run by fifth generation farmers whose Mennonite roots reach back to the 17th century. Today, the farm employs all 13 members of their immediate family, as well as experienced workers from the surrounding Mennonite community of Wallenstein, Ontario. Be it raising, cleaning, slaughter, or packaging, Country Poultry Processing has been recognized both within the community and throughout the Ontario industry as a whole. From Halal chicken to Omega-3 chicken, we provide a wide selection for you and your family.

Our Omega-3 Chicken: A Healthy Choice

At every step in the processing of our omega-3 chicken, our farm makes the utmost effort to treat the birds with care and respect. From the very beginning, the chicks are purchased within a day of hatching, ensuring that they are not treated poorly or mismanaged during their raising. The chickens are then fed a mix of corn, barley, and flax seed (a natural source of omega-3). This means that, as opposed to much of the chicken on the market today, the omega-3 in our birds is ingested, not injected.

Country Poultry Processing’s chickens are never caged, even before slaughter—caging is viewed as an inhumane practice. The slaughter facility is located on the farm’s premises, allowing the birds very little transportation time during their raising, which in turn limits our environmental impact. Country Poultry Processing also controls the conditions of slaughter, so that all the slaughter and packaging practices are conducted in the most humane and environmentally friendly way possible.

DD Poultry’s Omega Line: Quality Bred from Caring

In the end, caring is a cycle. By caring for our Omega line birds, we also care for the environment, the future of our local farms and animals, and the families across Canada who enjoy our products. D&D Poultry’s Omega chicken is healthy, hearty, and delicious—in short, it’s quality. We’re only too happy to pass that quality from our family to yours.

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