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Our Deliciously marinated pieces of meats are hand cut, hand skewered and convenient to serve.
Tender marinated fully cooked chunks of chicken meat. Great for skewers, in a pita, or as appetizers.

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IQ Frozen Chicken Souvlaki | Wholesale Supplier

Product Details
62842 Souvlaki No Seasoning Breast Meat 140gr 40pc 5.6Kg CS
63010 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat, mini 33-37gr 80pc 2.8kg CS
63058 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat – Check Video 85gr 50pc 4.2kg CS
63059 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat, Halal 85gr 50pc 4.2kg CS
63280 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat 100gr 50pc 5kg CS
63285 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat, Halal 100gr 50pc 4.2kg CS
63281 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat 112gr 40pc 4.5kg CS
63946 Souvlaki Marinated Cube (Unskewered) 1.8kg x 3BG 5.4kg CS
60394 Souvlaki Marinated Breast Meat 1oz 100pc 2.8kg CS
63160 Kafta, Feta Spinach – Check Video 120gr 40pc 4.8kg CS
63153 Kafta, Feta Spinach Mini 56-62gr 3.7kg CS


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