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Halal Cooked

Chicken is a flavourful and versatile white meat available both whole and as parts. Use breast, leg, and thigh meat in your favourite chicken recipes for salads, pastas, and soups.

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Cooked Halal for Wholesale

Product Weight Pack Size Unit
10450 Sliced Chicken Baken Cook 5kg CS
29775 Breast Fajita, Chicken Cook 4kg 1-1.5oz CS
29770 Breast Fajita, No Spice, Chicken 4kg 1-1.5oz CS
29759 Chicken Fajita Cook 4kg 1-1.5oz CS
32401 Chicken Ham Cooked 6kg 5″ 2pcx3kg CS
75000 Pepperoni, Chicken Cook 6kg 5″ 2pcx3kg CS
59070 Pepperoni Slice, Chicken Cook 5kg 2.5″ KG
73714 Salad/Pizza Topping Cook 4kg CS
73730 Salami, Chicken Cook 6kg 5″ 2pcX3kg CS
61507 Shawarma Leg meat Cooked Halal 10kg N/A BX
71050 Tender Roasted Cooked IQF 4kg N/A CS
25762 Diced 100% White Cook 4kg N/A CS
25984 Diced 60/40 Cook Chicken 4.54kg N/A CS
29760 Fajita Cajun Chicken Cook 4kg 1-1.5oz CS
31099 Gyro Cone Cook Authentic Cook 12kg 3pcX4kg BX
31756 Shawarma Slice Cook 4kg N/A CS
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