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CHICKEN SOUVLAKI mediterranean

Product Details
63010 MINI                               33-37g 80pc 2.8KG CS
23058  Check Video 65g 15pc 1.275KG CS
63080 IQF    85g 100pc 8.5KG CS
63058   Check Video 85g 50pc 4.25KG CS
64612 OMEGA 85g 50pc 4.25KG CS
63059 HALAL   85g 50pc 4.25KG CS
63285 HALAL   100g 50pc 5KG CS
63289   100g 40pc 4KG CS
63300   100g 100pc 10KG CS
63280   100g 50pc 5KG CS
63281 Special Order 112g 40pc 4.5KG CS
63275 Special Order 115g 40pc 4.6KG CS
63845 Special Order 120g 40pc 4.8KG CS
63033 Special Order 120g 20pc 2.4KG CS
62836 Special Order 125g 40pc 5KG CS
62843 Special Order 135g 30pc 5.4KG CS
63843 Special Order 140g 30pc 4.2KG CS
62841 Special Order 168g 30pc 4.25KG CS
63296 Special Order 200g 30pc 6KG CS



Product Details
63297 Mild – Special Order 200g 90pc 18KG CS
63380 PLAIN – Special Order 100g 50pc 5KG CS


PORK SOUVLAKI mediterranean

Product Details
65500 50g 80pc 4KG CS
65722   85g 50pc 4.25KG CS
65056   100g 50pc 5KG CS
65057 Special Order 125g 40pc 5KG CS
65280 Special Order 140g 30pc 4.2KG CS
62941 Special Order 168g 30pc 5KG CS


  LAMB SOUVLAKI mediterranean

Product Details
64390 90g 50pc 4.5KG CS
64401   112g 40pc 4.4GK CS
66403   140g 30pc 4.2KG CS
Product Details
60394 1.5oz 100pc 2.8KG CS
60395 PLAIN   1.5oz 100pc 2.8KG CS
Product Details
63724   85g 50pc 4.25KG CS
63720   100g 40pc 4KG CS
63844 Special Order 140g 30pc 4.2KG CS
  bulk COOKED chicken souvlaki unskewered
Product Details
66390 mediterranean                  4KG CS
76388 mediterranean REDUCED SODIUM  HALAL   4KG CS
66388 mediterranean            HALAL IQF  4KG CS

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