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Wholesale Gyro Shawarma | Chicken and Meat

Made from fully cooked full muscle thigh meat. Marinated with Glacial Treasure’s secret spices creating busts of flavour on the palate. IQF/Ready to serve/ pre-portioned
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Wholesale Gyros Shawarma Meat

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31756 Chicken/Shawarma Sliced Halal IQF – Check Video 1.0-1.2oz 4kg CS
31760 Chicken Shawarma Sliced Cooked IQF 1.0-1.2oz 10kg BX
Gyro (cone)
31090 Chicken Gyro Cone Cooked Authentic IQF 4kg x 2pc 8kg CS
31312 Chicken Gyro Cooked Sliced Authentic IQF – Check Video 1.0-1.2oz 4kg CS
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