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Breaded Chicken – fryer ready coating

Seasoned, lightly breaded chicken breast pieces. Also available in formed pieces. IQF/Ready to cook/Portioned.

Breaded Chicken – fryer ready coating

Product Details
11554 Breast Breaded IQF (Full muscle) 4-5oz 4kg CS
11555 Breast Breaded IQF (Full muscle) 6-7oz 4kg CS
23100 Burger Breaded IQF, Halal 4oz 36pc 4kg CS
58396 Nuggets Breaded IQF 123-126pc 4kg CS
58397 Nuggets Breaded IQF, Halal 123-126pc 4kg CS
71938 Nuggets Texas Style Boneless IQF
(Full Muscle Breast Chunk)
170-175pc 4kg CS
68166 Strips Breaded IQF Halal – Check Video 88-92pc 4kg CS
68830 Strips Pepper Jack Breaded IQF 88-92pc 4kg CS
69052 Strips Roaster Scallopini Breaded IQF Halal 88-92pc 4kg CS
69274 Strips Tempura Breaded 88-92pc 4kg CS
77267 Breaded Wings 8-10
77268 Breaded Boneless Winglettes
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