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There are a wide variety of practices used in raising the chicken that Canadians eat. In terms of health and safety for consumption, the practices implemented in chicken production must meet standards set at the provincial level. However, these standards don’t always reflect the quality of the chicken that ends up on your plate. We all know what it’s like to go shopping for chicken and end up with tough, tasteless meat. Avoid a repeat of that experience with D&D’s Omega line, which incorporates wholesome practices to ensure high quality meals for you and your family.


What Are You, Chicken?

Reading a nutrition label on a package of chicken, you might wonder: where are all these nutrients coming from? Of course, chicken is chicken, and certain nutritional values will always be there (for instance, chicken is always a great source of protein). But consider omega-3, an essential fatty acid. Omega-3 is typically associated with alternatives like nuts, seeds, and fish—not chicken. So how is your chicken getting its omega-3?


Injected vs. Ingested

D&D Poultry’s Omega line sources chickens from Country Poultry Processing, a family-run farm located outside of Guelph, Ontario. Country Poultry Processing takes pride in treating its animals with care. There is a common practice used in industrial farming in which chickens or chicken feed and injected with nutrients. To be sure, this practice is safe, or else the provincial health authorities would not allow them. However, Country Poultry Processing feeds our Omega line chickens a blend that includes flax seed, a natural source of omega-3. In other words, our Omega line chicken gets its omega-3 through ingestion, not injection, leaving you with a wholesome and natural meal.


D&D Poultry: Natural Practices for Healthy Meals

Injection is safe, but ingestion lends you confidence in the authentic, traditional raising techniques that bring you your chicken. D&D Poultry’s Omega line offers these home-style products, so you can have faith in what you feed yourself and your family.

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