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Every Day Is Family Day At D&D Poultry

It’s no secret that we are a family owned and operated business and that literally means day-in-day out all of us siblings work side-by-side with our parents through thick and thin! 

We all have different rolls and we each contribute our unique talents to the family business but make no mistake Dad and Mom ALWAYS have final word. We love getting to pitch in and support each other!

When we get home from work, the day continues with our own families! After school programs, sports clubs and homework and of course the one thing we all make sure we do is make time to sit down to dinner with our kids – just like our parents did with us when we were growing up. 

It’s this time over healthy meals that allows us to connect with each other talking about our days and sharing stories. This is how we get a glimpse into our children’s lives and their developing personalities and characters. It’s also how we have an opportunity to teach them about balanced nutrition and the importance of eating right! 

It brings back memories of sitting around our parent’s table and the life lessons we learned. It’s a time for each individual to share their successes and failures, joys and tears. It brings us closer together and helps to create memories for the next generation. 

Life is short and kids grow up fast! Take the time to eat meals together as much as you can. Listen and love one another and be grateful for every moment! 

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