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The Journey Begins

To trace the history of the institution that is D&D Poultry, go back to Greece in the late sixties. Set on exploring a new country, an intrepid seventeen-year-old Kostas Dikeos crossed the Atlantic, bound for Canada. His mind was awash with the dream of purchasing a motorcycle for a business in wholesale distribution. Arriving in Canada, he would find his bike, but, more lastingly, he would find marriage and a family. With those invaluable assets, he never looked back.


Founding a Family Business

In 1995, having settled down in Canada with a young, flourishing family of his own, an unmistakable opportunity arose for the Greek émigré. Having worked with distributors, it became clear to Kostas that value-added meals, IQF for short, would be the next trend in food. So, with keen planning and business acumen, D&D Poultry was born. Though initially a “mom and pop” organization, founded on the tenets of Family, Quality, and Ethics, D&D’s growth was irrepressible. From IQF, the business expanded to battered and breaded lines, cooked, skewered, stuffed, and more. With family at its core, D&D was breaking its “mom and pop” mould.


A Second Generation and an Institution

True to the roots of kinship, D&D was passed down to the second generation: the three daughters and one son who continue to run the business today. Expanding upon the business, the next generation undertook a newfound focus on product promotion, striving to share D&D’s quality with consumers everywhere. The business also gained interest in charitable affairs, providing healthy, local food to hospitals and organizations. But D&D has never lost a hold of its small-business roots: it remains focused on a niche market line, providing product solutions from independents to chains and institutions.


The D&D Family Continues

In stores today, you’ll find the future of the industry hard at work. The third generation works at the cash, in the aisles, and in the stockroom. Before long, this generation will take the reigns, guiding the business into tomorrow. Under the tutelage of generations past, D&D Poultry will always remain committed to the core values of Family, Quality, and Ethics that built it into a household institution.


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