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The cottage: a quintessentially Canadian locale. No other national culture so frequently braves the snail’s pace highway drive through bleak industrial suburbs and dowdy farmland, the frantic packing and unpacking amidst bored and increasingly impatient children, the hassle of upkeep and management on a second property. To be sure, it’s all worth it for those gentle, lilting Saturday afternoons by the lake, when your only care in the world is whether you should lounge in your Muskoka chair or lie on the dock. But even at the cottage, things aren’t always as breezy as the wind shushing through the birches.


Cottage Dining: from Struggle to Simple

If you’re a cottage-goer, you know the struggle and strife of hosting guests, or even, for that matter, hosting your own family. Assigning rooms can turn into a political melee worthy of a House of Cards subplot, but, perhaps worst of all, you have to run the gamut of mealtime. In the past, this meant planning days ahead for something that suits everyone’s taste, and then calling your guests one by one to make sure they all bring a specific dish, not to mention the nightmare of actually cooking for a crowd. Thankfully, D&D Poultry has the solution to your cottage BBQ woes.


D&D Poultry’s Family Packs Make Meal Planning Easy

As a family-owned business, D&D Poultry has your summer cottage needs in mind. Rather than fussing over marinades and stopping at three different butchers on your way up north, D&D Poultry offers dozens of pre-packaged and marinated options. Our chicken comes in a variety of styles, from breaded to cooked to fresh; but, if your guests tastes diverge (as they so often do), we also offer many lamb and souvlaki dishes. These options come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, satisfying a family of five or a party of fifteen. Nothing beats the convenience of a meal ready-packaged to satisfy your needs.


D&D Poultry: the New Standard for Cottage Dining

Cottages are for relaxing: getting away from the urban drain of your nine to five and breathing the forest-fresh air. Give yourself that pleasure, and spend as little time and effort on cottage meals as possible, by picking up a D&D Poultry option before your trip up into the northern wild.

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