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Beyond being one the most versatile meats for cooking, the perfect host to a vast palette of flavours, chicken is also a lean and healthy meat. However, we all know that the quality of chicken on the market varies immensely. In light of that unpredictable quality level, many consumers tend to pick the fanciest packaging within their price range. But beware: packaging is no metonym for quality.


How Do You Know the Best Chicken Available?


After a long day at work, it’s often easiest to pick a chicken dish that’s pre-marinated and ready to go. You’re probably familiar with the companies that offer those pretty-looking, vacuum-sealed marinade packages. The packages come replete with gourmet (-seeming) viscous marinades, attractive chicken, and even little pictures of how your prepared meal might turn out. But once you’ve actually brought that chicken home, stripped it from its packaging, cooked it, and dined, you find the meat to be tough, dry, and flavourless. On top of that, the liquid weight added to the package by the marinade detracts from the nutritional values posted on those uptown packages. It goes to show that packaging, no matter how chichi in appearance, has no causal relationship to quality.


D&D Poultry: Pure Protein Chicken


Our chicken products tell it like it is: we don’t need to deceive customers with highfalutin packaging. At D&D poultry, we believe that the most important thing for you and your family is the quality of the chicken itself, not the quality of what it gets sold in. We strive to provide the best tasting and most affordable meat, because we want you to be confident in the health—and deliciousness—of your meals. As a family-run institution, we know the importance of your family’s food.

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