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Behind the scenes of D&D

If you’re a long time customer or just interested in potentially buying from D&D Poultry, you might have a few questions about what happens behind the scenes at our facility. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes D&D Poultry such a delectable option for meat products in Ontario. We have been in business for over 25 years, and one of our founding principles is buying local and straight from the farmer, so let’s take a look at how it all begins and what really drives our high quality wholesale products, and as one of the leading meat suppliers to restaurants in the area.  

It all starts with the local farmers, as we’re proud to support local farms as well as customers throughout the regional area. We have been working with the same farms for decades and have built close relationships with each of them – as a business partner, and as a friend. We only select the finest meats and with the highest quality farming operations in order to provide you with excellent products at a wholesale price. Having variety is important to us as a restaurant meat supplier, because we want to keep our customers happy all year around with seasonal delicious foods for the whole family to enjoy. 

Quality driven products 

If you were to take a tour of the D&D Poultry facility you would be very impressed, as it’s a state-of-the-art operation full of cutting edge equipment. There are various pieces of equipment, technology and logistics used for the plant to keep it running effectively every day of the week. We invest in our business and high quality is what drives our team to provide the best products at the lowest prices. Many people don’t know much of what’s going on behind the scenes at a wholesale poultry facility, so this is why we think it’s important that you know where your wholesale poultry is coming from and to be rest assured that safety is the number one concern in our facility. We strive to provide humane efforts to drive our quality operations to the highest degree. Our foods are fresh and we make all of our customers, whether small or large, feel at home when doing business with us, even at a wholesale level. That is why we even have meat delivery for restaurants available for small businesses and families to take advantage of during these difficult times. 

Our team is important to us

Another behind the scenes look at D&D Poultry is with our team, which might be an unexpected topic when talking about our internal processes, but our team is what makes the facility run, and without them it would be impossible to deliver the best quality products to you – from farm to table. Just like how important buying locally is to us, our team is like family to us and we are a close-knit group that wants to provide the best services in order to manufacture some of the delicious products that we have on the market. As we mentioned before, we are one of the biggest wholesale restaurant meat suppliers around, so food safety is one of our top priorities, and the team at D&D Poultry has successfully implemented numerous protocols to increase the safety of our products through the HACCP program, all since 2006. 

Check out our website for more recipes

Our website contains some mouth-watering recipes that you can make right at home or even at the restaurant, including a chicken wings recipe and a homemade pesto recipe. Looking for chicken delivery for restaurants or your home? Give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to give you a great price for your chicken home delivery.

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