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Beer Can Chicken Recipe

Perfect for cottage country and family get togethers, this beer can chicken recipe is a crowd pleaser each and every time. The steaming beer keeps the meet juicy and tender whilst the high heat of the BBQ delivers a crispy skin that’s pure perfection.


  • – 1 whole chicken about 3 -4 lb
  • – 1 large can light lager
  • – 2 tbsp salt
  • – 1 tsp black pepper
  • – 3 tbsp of your favorite dry rub
  • – 2 tbsp olive oil


Remove the neck and giblets and thoroughly rinks the chicken (you’ll have the option of soaking the chicken in a salt water brine for approximately 24 hours in advance for extra flavour). Brush the chicken lightly with olive oil and apply your salt, pepper and dry rub inside and out.

Preheat your barbecue on high heat.

Open the can of lager and pour yourself half a glass. Then place the can on a stable surface and set the cavity of the chicken over the can.

You’ll want to apply the indirect cooking method in this instance so turn one side of the  barbecue’s burners off completely and lower the other side to medium. Place the chicken on the side that is off and ensure it is balanced so it doesn’t tip over.

Cook the bird for about 1 1/4 hours or if you’re using a meat thermometer (which we highly recommend) until the internal temperature of the chicken is 170°.

When removing the chicken from the grill be sure not to spill the lager as it will be very hot and can scald badly.

Let the chicken rest for approximately 10 minutes, carve and serve.