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Halal Souvlaki/Skewered

Easy to cook they provide a quick meal for the family. An irresistibly savoury fusion of Mediterranean flavours.

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Halal Souvlaki/Skewered
Product Weight Pack Size Unit
62180 Souvlaki Beef 170×30 5.1kg 170grX30PC CS
62170 Souvlaki Beef 90×50 4.5kg 90grX50PC CS
63285 Souvlaki Chicken 100×50 5kg 100grX50PC CS
63059 Souvlaki Chicken 85×50 4.25kg 85grX50PC CS
63105 Kafta Souvlaki Lamb 4.48kg 120grX40PC BX
64390 Souvlaki Lamb Marin 90×50 4.5kg 90grX50PC CS

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