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Fresh Chicken

Chicken is a flavourful and versatile white meat available both whole and as parts. Use breast, leg, and thigh meat in your favourite chicken recipes for salads, pastas, and soups.

Fresh Chicken

Product Details
10888 Bones Large N/A 10kg BX
11110 Bones Small  N/A 10kg BX
11998 Breast Butterfly Small without Tenders 8-14oz 25kg BX
18658 Breast skin-on Large Boneless 8-12oz 25kg BX
21322 Breast Supreme Single 8-9oz 25kg BX
22220 Breast with Tenders Large Boneless 8-14oz 25kg BX
21766 Breast Trimmed without Tenders Large Boneless 8-14oz 25kg BX
21544 Breast Trimmed without Tenders Small Boneless 6-8oz 25kg BX
22654 Breast with Tenders Large Boneless 8-12oz 25kg BX
22432 Breast with Tenders Small Boneless 4-7oz 25kg BX
28426 Drums Large 170gr 25kg BX
33532 Leg Meat Boneless Skinless 8-14oz 25kg BX
34198 Legs Back Attached Large 180-200gr 25kg BX
35086 Legs Knife Cut 150-180gr 25kg BX
73048 Thigh Meat Boneless Skinless 150-180gr 25kg BX
75268 Whole Air Chilled Fryer 2.34-3.25lb 25kg BX
75270 Whole Air Chilled Cut in Half Fryer 2.34-3.25lb 20kg BX
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