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Hand held and healthy! Chicken burgers are a lower-fat version of the traditional beef patty. For people who eat at their desks and dine in their car, the burger is the answer to food on the go. Using European technology, our patties stay moist and juicy when cooked. IQF/Seasoned/Ready to serve/Portioned.


Product Details
23320 Burger Chicken 4oz 40pc 4.5kg CS
23987 Burger Feta Chicken 4oz 40pc 5.6kg CS
60850 Sausage Patty/Slider, Halal 60gr 80pc 4.8kg CS
66833 Steakette Mediterranean, Halal 55gr 80pc 4.4kg CS
24000 Burger 4oz Lamb, Halal 4oz 40pc 4.4kg CS

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