Chicken: Nature’s Muscle Food

28 October 2015,

It’s funny to think of chicken as a natural muscle builder, since pre-historic humans, those lean, chiselled cavemen of sabre-tooth tiger fighting fame, actually […]

Halal Food: Common Misconceptions

21 October 2015,

Halal: you’ve seen the term before, be it in an article you’ve read, on a label at your local grocer, or at the falafel […]

Halal Food: The Basics

14 October 2015,

To the uninitiated, dietary guidelines can seem odd. Paleo? Atkins? Gluten-free veganized entomophagy? Add in dietary restrictions based on religious principles and confusion can […]

D&D Recipe Series (Part 4): Chicken Breast

6 October 2015,

125 million years ago, those iron-scaled, toothy giants called dinosaurs stalked the badlands of prehistoric earth. These monsters reigned supreme for hundreds of thousands […]

D&D Recipe Series (Part 3): Shawarma

29 September 2015,

There’s a taxonomical furor going on out there among the confused masses of street-meat consumers, and it’s about the difference between gyros and shawarma. […]

D&D Recipe Series (Part 2): Gyros

22 September 2015,

Before you start making these delectable gyro recipes, let’s get one thing straight: the pronunciation of “gyro”. For all the philistines out there, “gyro” […]

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D&D Recipe Series (Part 1): Souvlaki

15 September 2015,

Don’t Be Deceived by Chicken Packaging

8 September 2015,

Hosting a Cottage BBQ has Never Been Easier!

1 September 2015,

Injected vs. Ingested: D&D Poultry’s Omega Line

25 August 2015,