Kokkinisto Braised Chicken Traditional Greek Recipe

31 January 2017,

Our #DDPFamily dinners are a time for all of us to sit down after a long day and connect with each other over great […]

Braised Chicken with Honey & Leeks

Braised Chicken with Honey & Leeks

25 January 2017,

Whoever said cooking at home can’t be delicious and simple? This wonderful recipe combines the rich flavours of leeks and honey to create an […]

Lemon Parmesan Chicken Piccata

Lemon Parmesan Chicken Piccata

19 January 2017,

Here’s a simple and delicious recipe your family is sure to love! Have fun making this amazing dish! If you’re looking for a simple […]

Going Green with Wholesale Chicken

2 December 2015,

Right from the outset, we’d like to avoid any confusion: while eating green food is a responsible choice, if your chicken is green, do […]

Flaxseed: the Key to Omega-3 Chicken

25 November 2015,

As you may have read in earlier posts about our omega-3 chicken and omega-3 enriched chicken feed, we nurture our omega-3 chicken not through […]

Omega-3 Chicken: the Process

18 November 2015,

Unlike most fish, in which omega-3 fatty acids are naturally present no matter what they consume, chicken can only be infused with omega-3s through […]

The Good Fat: Omega-3 Chicken

11 November 2015,

Dieting is bigger today than ever before. In 2014, the weight-loss industry market share comprised $59.8 billion, and is projected to grow by a […]

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There’s Nothing Fishy about Omega-3 Chicken

4 November 2015,

What do you know about omega-3 fatty acids? Unless you’re a nutritionist, the answer is probably something along the lines of: not much. Your […]

Chicken: Nature’s Muscle Food

28 October 2015,

It’s funny to think of chicken as a natural muscle builder, since pre-historic humans, those lean, chiselled cavemen of sabre-tooth tiger fighting fame, actually […]

Halal Food: Common Misconceptions

21 October 2015,

Halal: you’ve seen the term before, be it in an article you’ve read, on a label at your local grocer, or at the falafel […]